Your Personal theater

anywhere anytime

Totally new way to watch movies

at your home

Real movie theater

built in a virtual space 

Gigantic cinema screen

Surround 3D sound

Enjoy movies at your home with the gigantic cinema screen and surround 3D sound as if you are sitting in the real movie theater.

No more watching movies through the small screens of smartphones, tablets, PC or TV.

The movie posters are for illustrative purposes only.


specially designed for Cinema

Crystal clear image with surround 3D sound 

Super light and comfortable

VREZ Pocket VR

Enjoy VR with your smartphone anywhere anytime

VREZ Pocket VR is a compact VR viewer which can be attached with your smartphone in the simple way to enjoy VR contents.

VREZ Cardboard

Another way to enjoy VR with your smartphone anywhere anytime

VREZ Cardboard is the most cost-effective and easy to view VR contents on your smartphone.

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