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XR Book of Quantum Storey

Not just read a book,

step inside and experience it!

Stories from Hollywood

Operation You

Title 1 : Morning Nightmare

A special mission to figure out what to do.

Meet Ray for the secret to your mission.

Get INSIDE this book and play…

Hotel Transylvania 3

Virtual Vacation

Come aboard the Legacy, 

for your long-awaited trip.

There you’ll join Drac, Mavis, and Johnny,

on a cruise aboard this MASSIVE ship!

Only available in US


Immersive Serenity

Mindful Meditation in 3D

VüVana means “VIEWing nirVANA”. 

Create a calm and healing moment for yourself by viewing our immersive meditation 3D contents. Isolate yourself from your day-to-day stress and relaxed inside our soothing and serene 3D environment.


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